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Emmy writes plays about women, mental health, pop culture, and what it means to come of age. A friend once described her work as "cutesy, but hella deep".

Her plays have been developed and presented with Fresh Ground Pepper (2020 Process Accountability Lab, 2021 BRB Retreat), The Tank, LakehouseRanchDotPNG, Outta Bounds Productions, Playdate Theatre, Whiskey Theatre Factory, The Producer's Club, First Kiss Theatre, and the Skeleton Rep(resents). An excerpt from her play comment below was selected and featured as a “Top Monologue for Teen Girls” by Backstage. Emmy’s monologue “Wings” is published in the anthology Evil Genius: Monsters on Stage (with an introduction by Julie Taymor), and her play Unmarried Man, co-written with Alice Nora,  is available for international licensing through BroadwayDNA. She is a member of the Dramatists Guild, a recipient of the NY State Council on the Arts Chain Theatre Rehearsal Space Grant, and was a semi-finalist for the 2023 Walhalla Farms New Roots Residency. She hopes her plays make you feel less alone.

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