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As You Like it reviewed by NYC Classical Reviews

“With such a challenging text, there were several stand-outs among the cast.  Emmy Kuperschmid gave an excellent Celia, dexterously dealing with her tangled metaphors and layered jokes, as well as balancing the role of sardonic best friend and - once Oliver arrives - eager ingenue.  I'd love to see her Juliet, Rosalind, or any of Shakespeare's great heroines, as it's easy to suspect this actress has untapped acting depths.”

Backstage chooses comment below as a top monologue for teen girls 

“[comment below] is a dark comedy about isolation in the modern age. It can be incredibly lonely to be a teenager, which teen girl actors can use to great effect. In this monologue, Kitty is both upbeat and funny before digging into the reality of her loneliness. The wonderful thing about this speech is that there are a lot of verbal stops and starts, and it’s a wonderful chance for an actor to fill in details.”

Unmarried Man reviewed by Broadway DNA

“The comedic timing of a stellar ensemble is the star of this show, delivering genuinely surprising hearty laughs for an all-around pure fun time.”

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